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MediaLink not working

PROBLEM Error message says: “MediaLink could not start because port 1900 or 9386 is in use” REASON EyeTv is or was once installed and is still running in the background. SOLUTION To stop this you need to: 1) Force quit EyeTv or anything similarly named in “Activity Monitor” 2) Remove anything related to EyeTv or… Read More »

How can I run Linux on my PS3?

As of April 2010 you can no longer install Linux on your PS3. There are other methods which require you ‘jailbreak’ your PS3. This is risky business especially if your a big online gamer because Sony will ban you from online gaming if they find out. Proceed with caution. If you have found this information… Read More »

How can I get my iTunes music to play wirelessly round the house?

You have two options here. Option 1. is to have your computer on with iTunes running in the background. Option 2. is have all of your iTunes library running on a NAS device, meaning you don’t have to have your computer on at all. Both options here require you to connect your devices to your… Read More »