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Which cable do I need to restore my Apple TV (2nd Gen black)?

You need a microUSB cable to do this. They are actually quite commonly used to power small usb devices, similar to the one used to charge a Jawbone headset. The cable that connects your Jawbone headset to the power block is actually a very short grey microUSB cable that with works with the new Apple… Read More »

How to Put Apple TV in to DFU Mode

How to: -Open up iTunes first. -Plug the microUSB into your Apple TV. -Hold down the ‘Menu + Down arrow button’ together for 6 seconds to reboot the Apple TV. -Once your Apple TV reboots immediately hold down ‘Menu + Play buttons’ together until a message appears in iTunes telling you an Apple TV in… Read More »

New Apple TV (black)

I have just bought the new Apple TV (black). It’s a great little device, you won’t be dissappointed. AirPlay and AirVideo work really well. You can stream music stored on your iPhone, iPod or iPad as long as you are all on the same wifi network. This is great as this saves having to keep… Read More »

How can I get my iTunes music to play wirelessly round the house?

You have two options here. Option 1. is to have your computer on with iTunes running in the background. Option 2. is have all of your iTunes library running on a NAS device, meaning you don’t have to have your computer on at all. Both options here require you to connect your devices to your… Read More »

How to control my Apple TV with my iPhone/iPad?

This is easy. Simply download the Apple Remote app from the App Store on your iPhone. This app is genius and a great way to control your Apple TV. Try it. It’s free. Please share this with your friends or leave a comment if you’d like to share other alternatives you think are better. Thanks.