Mountain Lion

Rumours Mountain Lion is out tomorrow the 25th July.   UPDATE: Now available to download from the Mac App Store. If you are having difficulty getting it on machines without internet then please let me know. If you click on no comments and leave a reply I will post a solution here for you.

What’s new in iOS 6

We have downloaded the beta version of iOS 6 on our iPhone and iPad at work for App development. 1. Much sexier interface. Newly redesigned Maps, Weather, App Store, iTunes Store, Music app 2. Bluetooth On/Off switch more accessible (now underneath ‘WiFi’ in ‘Settings’ on first page) 3. Facebook and Twitter integration made simple. Includes… Read More »

No Ethernet and Firewire with New Retina display MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro with Retina Display doesn’t have Ethernet or FireWire? What does this mean? You won’t be able to access: 1. Your emails, send files over the Internet or even check your Facebook, or anything online without WiFi. No WiFi signal, no Internet. You can’t plug that Internet cable (ethernet) in anymore. 2. Any… Read More »

Watch TV on your iPad or iPhone

Ever wanted to watch TV on your iPad? Well you can with this new app. There is also a bonus here. If you don’t have TV aerial or a good signal in your room, you can hook up your iPad to your TV and use this app to bring the television channels to your TV… Read More »

Take Spotify music with you on the go (no wifi)

To do this you need to download the ‘Spotify’ app from iTunes store to your iPhone / iPod / iPad. You now have access to all of Spotify on your iDevice. To take these song with you on the go, whether it be in the car, on the tube or simply in a park where… Read More »

Add iPod / iPhone connection to BMW (2000-2006)

The cheapest way to integrate your iPod / iPhone into your 2000-2006 BMW is to buy an Intravee II . There is now no need to change your existing built in stereo (as that will ruin the look of your interior and alert thieves you have just spent lots of money on a new stereo).… Read More »

Sync photos between iPhone / iPad / Mac

To sync all your photos, all you need to do is sign up for a free iCloud account here, or if you haven’t done so already then make sure you upgrade your MobileMe account to iCloud here Once you have signed up to iCloud then all you need to do is find the iCloud menu… Read More »

iPhone / iPod / iPad apps won’t install

For some reason your Apple device only likes to download one thing at a time. If you find nothing is downloading please check your iTunes app (where you buy your music from) download queue and make sure nothing is downloading there. If it is, pause it to download your apps. If you need the film… Read More »

How can I tell if my music is uploaded to iCloud through iTunes?

There is a hidden menu that isn’t selected by default. All you have to do is make sure you have updated your iTunes to 10.5.1 or higher then follow these steps: 1) Click View > View Options or (keyboard shortcut ⌘cmd +J) 2) Tick ‘iCloud Download’ and ‘iCloud Status’ 3) Click OK You should now see… Read More »