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info about iPod Touch running iOS 5

Sync photos between iPhone / iPad / Mac

To sync all your photos, all you need to do is sign up for a free iCloud account here, or if you haven’t done so already then make sure you upgrade your MobileMe account to iCloud here Once you have signed up to iCloud then all you need to do is find the iCloud menu… Read More »

Error: iPhone/iPod/iPad synced with other library with iTunes 10.5

iTunes have changed their ways. You used to be able to change the Persistant ID within iTunes Library.itl using a HEX editor but as soon as you do that it quietly changes back to the old ID. This persistant ID is what enables you to sync your iPad/iPhone with your computer. For example when you… Read More »

Custom restore of iDevice using iTunes on a Mac

If for any reason you need to do a custom restore of your iDevice using iTunes, you can do so by first clicking on the device in the iTunes menu on the left. Make sure you hold down the ‘alt’ button before clicking ‘Restore’. By holding down ‘alt’ you are forcing iTunes to look for… Read More »