What’s new in iOS 6

By | June 13, 2012

We have downloaded the beta version of iOS 6 on our iPhone and iPad at work for App development.

1. Much sexier interface. Newly redesigned Maps, Weather, App Store, iTunes Store, Music app
2. Bluetooth On/Off switch more accessible (now underneath ‘WiFi’ in ‘Settings’ on first page)
3. Facebook and Twitter integration made simple. Includes ‘Contacts’ sync if requested
4. Siri now works in the UK with business search, Sports results, nearest Petrol station etc.
5. Siri now available on the newest iPad (3rd gen)
5. New ‘Maps’ app is really neat. Siri can use it to show you directions in 3D simply by asking Siri
6. New ‘Maps’ app is run using data from TomTom
7. One login for iTunes and App Store in ‘Settings’ menu
8. All iOS 5 apps work in this first release so far. No crashes so far (it did while restoring but you have to be patient, let it restore)
9. You can restore using your iCloud backup you have from iOS 5 (make sure you do a quick backup first with iCloud before you restore, and check what you are backing up in ‘Settings’ / ‘iCloud’ menu
10. New VIP and Flagged inbox in Mail
11. ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode works well
12. ‘Privacy’ menu in ‘Settings’ controls what features 3rd party apps can access
13. New reject call and auto reply with message while your iPhone is ringing
14. New design in native ‘Clock’ app for iPad
15. You can now use your existing music from iTunes Match or your ones stored in native ‘Music’ app as an alarm ringtone. Bit of Coldplay to wake you up is always a good start 🙂
16. iPhone running iOS 6 beta still works in the car. Both iPod functions and Bluetooth for hands free driving
17. Siri works well too if you have Bluetooth and mic built in to your car. Make sure Bluetooth is on and is connected. Hold down the ‘Speech’ button (if you have one on the steering wheel) to activate Siri and speak into the mic in the car. You can ask Siri to read you your messages, reply by telling Siri what you want to say or even call that person back. Now you can now ask Siri for directions, ask how long to destination, nearest Coffee shops, nearest ATM etc

Let us know if there is something new you have found that we haven’t mentioned and we’ll add it here 🙂

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