No Ethernet and Firewire with New Retina display MacBook Pro

By | June 12, 2012

The MacBook Pro with Retina Display doesn’t have Ethernet or FireWire? What does this mean?

You won’t be able to access:

1. Your emails, send files over the Internet or even check your Facebook, or anything online without WiFi. No WiFi signal, no Internet. You can’t plug that Internet cable (ethernet) in anymore.

2. Any work files or media you have stored on any FireWire drives you may still have laying around.

3. Your media (music, videos, photos) you have stored on the NAS (ethernet) drive that you sometimes connect directly to with the Ethernet cable. This means transfer speeds will be slower over WiFi.

4. The super fast cabled network at work, because nowhere to put that cable anymore.

5. The Internet at home where your WiFi signal is weak upstairs and you need to plug directly into the wall to speed things up.

What’s the alternative? Stick with your current MacBook Pro and USB drives. Why pour money into Thunderbolt drives? Apple brought in FireWire and have now finally discontinued it. Thunderbolt will be next in a few years. Why get rid of Ethernet on a MacBook Pro that is meant for the office? Apple sell a Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter for those sticky ‘lack of Wireless signal’ moments, but why should you have to remember to ‘bring that cable’? The Ethernet connection that was previously available is still available with the Non retina display MacBook Pro. Hey, did I mention there is no DVD drive in the either of the 2012 MacBook Pro’s? You have to remember to bring the USB SuperDrive with you.

Let us know if there is something new you have found that we haven’t mentioned and we’ll add it here 🙂

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7 thoughts on “No Ethernet and Firewire with New Retina display MacBook Pro

    1. cantalinni Post author

      Yes I mentioned that and you have to carry the cable around with you. One more thing to remember. Did you not read the end of the article?

  1. specialunit

    I totally agree with this article. It’s supposed to be a macbook PRO. I thought it was meant to
    be a laptop to work with, not just a media center for the familiy.

    1. Philip

      On another hand though, I think it’s about time to move away from legacy technology like CD/DVD drives. Not saying anything about RJ45, in fact it makes me sort of upset they removed it. It’s nothing I can’t live without though. We’re working over 300 Mbps Wi-Fi network here and it’s not that much of a pain really. In most dire cases, you could take such an adapter with you. From what I can see, Thunderbolt will stick around for much longer if anything more than Apple products alone will support it.


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