iPhone / iPod / iPad apps won’t install

By | March 22, 2012

For some reason your Apple device only likes to download one thing at a time. If you find nothing is downloading please check your iTunes app (where you buy your music from) download queue and make sure nothing is downloading there. If it is, pause it to download your apps. If you need the film or music to download first then your apps will have to wait. You can still build them up by tapping on the apps you want to install. It will install them all in sequence, but only one by one…it’s not a computer.

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One thought on “iPhone / iPod / iPad apps won’t install

  1. Will

    Thank you so much!!! For weeks I have been pulling my hair out about why my apps have not been installing or downloading updates over Wi-Fi/3G and just realized I apparently had over 20 podcast episodes in my download queue that weren’t download themselves, and preventing everything else. I paused them, and the apps started downloading again and the podcasts did too. Thanks again.


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