MediaLink not working

By | November 21, 2011

Error message says:
“MediaLink could not start because port 1900 or 9386 is in use”

EyeTv is or was once installed and is still running in the background.

To stop this you need to:

1) Force quit EyeTv or anything similarly named in “Activity Monitor”
2) Remove anything related to EyeTv or EyeConnect in Login Items in System Preferences > Users & Groups > ‘Login Items’ tab
3) Delete anything related to EyeTv or EyeConnect in StartupItems folder.

For StartupItems folder shortcut:
1) click on desktop then hold Shift + cmd + G all together
2) type in or copy this path below:
/Volumes/Macintosh HD/Library/StartupItems
3) Click Go
4) Delete EyeConnect folder or anything similarly labelled.

Restart your Mac once you have removed/deleted these folders and reinstall MediaLink. This time it’ll work.

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