Why upgrade to OSX Lion?

By | August 20, 2011

Mission Control
What is it? Do you find it difficult to find what app you have open? Is your screen a mess with so many windows open? This is where Mission Control comes in. With a 3 finger swipe upwards on your trackpad you immediately see what is currently open. A simple click on the app you want to use brings into the foreground.

For those of you that own an iPhone, iPod or an iPad will already be familiar with this feature. Launchpad simply shows you what apps you have installed on your Mac in the same way your iDevice does. To see this in action simply pinch the trackpad with three fingers and your thumb.

Full screen apps
Most of us can’t afford the biggest and fastest Mac with the biggest screen. Full screen apps is a feature built in to native Apple apps and soon to be all of them  sold on the Mac App Store. This is a great way of maximising screen space hiding all the unnecessary information you don’t need to know. Give it a try, wherever you see the arrows in the top right hand corner, click on it and see what happens. Everything slides to the left and all of a sudden your app is in full view so you can get on with what it is you’ve intended to do.

Exactly as it suggests, you can now carry on and Resume from how you last left your Mac when you had to shut down. Your Mac will now remember what window you had open, where it was positioned, what other apps you had open and even what webpage you were on before you had to shutdown. To enable this feature make sure you keep the box ticked when it asks you if you want to ‘Reopen windows when logging back in’ on the dialog box that comes up when you restart or shutdown your Mac.

When working with iWork apps or TextEdit you now have the ability to go back to previous versions of the document you have been working on without using Time Machine or making any backups yourself to another place. This is a lifesaver when you haven’t been making backups and you don’t have Time Machine with you to do so. Simply click the little arrow to the right of the saved title on the window you have open and  click on ‘Browse all versions’. This will bring up a similar interface like Time Machine where you can go back and pick out what you need. Make sure you have Autosave enabled because it will only show you previously saved ‘Versions’.

This will only work via Wi-Fi on your Mac. AirDrop now enables you to transfer files between Macs with OSX Lion without having to email it or Bluetooth it across. Open up AirDrop and it’ll show you other Macs nearby with the same feature. Please note your Mac needs to be using the Wireless method as opposed to being directly cabled up to the Internet for this to work. You can find it in ‘Finder’ or double clicking ‘Macintosh HD’ icon on your desktop. It’ll be there in the left hand side of the opened window. If it doesn’t appear there then please check you are on the Wi-Fi and no Internet cables are plugged into your computer.

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