How to make iTunes run smoother and faster

By | August 20, 2011

First of all if you can (and have the space available) it’s best to keep your iTunes library local on your Mac. If you are running out of hard drive space on your Mac then you can store your library on an external USB drive. If you choose to do this then you need to remember to tell iTunes where you have now stored it. To do this hold down ‘Alt’ (to the left of the spacebar) while you launch iTunes and highlight the new iTunes folder and click ok.

The idea here is, if you don’t use it turn it off. Do you use the Genius feature much or at all? Do you use Smart playlists? Do you listen to the radio much through iTunes? Do you use the iTunes U menu? Do you need to go through your Ringtones every time you launch iTunes?

If you don’t use it much, turn it off. To disable some of the menus down the right hand side, simply to to iTunes ‘Preferences’ and uncheck all the menus that apply. To turn off other features such as ‘Genius’ you can find that in the ‘Store’ drop-down menus (not in Preferences window). Smart playlists take up a lot of computer thinking time especially when you have ticked the ‘live updating’ box when creating or editing a smart playlist. If you’ve created a smart playlist out of an album by a particular name, consider just making that a normal playlist. There is a free app on the Mac App Store called ‘Smarts‘ than can take care of your playlists for you. Have a look for it, it might help you out.

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