New Apple TV (black)

By | February 22, 2011

I have just bought the new Apple TV (black). It’s a great little device, you won’t be dissappointed. AirPlay and AirVideo work really well. You can stream music stored on your iPhone, iPod or iPad as long as you are all on the same wifi network. This is great as this saves having to keep iTunes running on your computer somewhere in the house. The Apple Remote app works really well too but works a little differently if you already have used this before with the 1st Gen Apple TV. It can only control the new Apple TV (black) if you have Home Sharing enabled on there and within the app. It’s a breeze to set up (as everything is with Apple products) and once you have this working it makes operating the Apple TV a whole lot easier. If you already have your Mac Mini or other computer connected directly to your big TV then there is no need for this product. This device simply makes browsing your iTunes library of media simple. No keyboard or mouse, just a little remote to navigate the menus and is very fast to power up. I have my Apple TV connected to my big TV that has a sound system attached and I simply use AirPlay or AirVideo from my iPhone. When my girlfriend comes round, she uses her iPad as a music library. Anyone can connect to it and stream their own media stored on their iDevice. Great little thing and if you do have your computer on with iTunes running then it’s a bonus. I’d recommend it.

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