Apple TV (black) vs PlayStation 3

By | February 22, 2011

Well, it’s a difficult one. First of all there is price. The Apple TV is cheaper while the PS3 is more expensive. Apple TV is smaller and quieter than the PS3 but can it do as much?

They are two different devices with their own pros and cons. The Apple TV on it’s own is great but lacks a few features that the PS3 has like a blu-ray player, a web browser, gaming functionality and an internal hard drive to store films/movies.

The PS3 is a good for playing games, watching your favourite blu-ray, renting films/movies from their version of online store and browsing the web (big TV needed for that). You can also store all your films/movies that you have converted on your computer to the internal hard-drive within the PS3. The only thing limiting you is the amount of storage you have internally. The big downside is price of a PS3. This is where the new black Apple TV comes in. It’s cheaper, it’s easier to operate, you can stream your music and videos to the device without having to store anything locally. All you need is a good strong wifi signal, or better yet hard wire it via your network cables. You can’t play games on it yet, but I’m sure that it in the pipeline. I hear rumours that you will be able to use your iDevice as a controller, after all these new devices all operate on the same iOS. Who needs Blu-ray now? It’s expensive to buy, there is packaging, you need a bulky player or PS3 to watch it on your TV and difficult to get a hold of if you want to watch it now. ¬†This is why the Apple TV exists, it’s a streamlined multi-media device, that’s easy to use and cheaper than the PS3. Equally, if you already own a PS3 I’d say there is no point in also buying an Apple TV unless you have previously bought music or video from the iTunes store as this won’t play on your PS3 (this is how Apple catch you out). The PS3 has many features and good features too, but costs more so is only an option if you have the money.

They are both brilliant devices and both can be used with a NAS device (jailbreak needed for Apple TV) if you prefer to store your media all in one location. In fact, if you know how to jailbreak your Apple TV then there is plenty more options available to you. Obviously by jailbreaking your Apple TV you are doing this at your own risk. If you do mess up and want to start all over again you can simply connect your Apple TV to your computer running iTunes and restore it to factory condition to get rid of the jailbreak (keep in mind you’ll need a micro usb to normal usb cable to do this, which doesn’t come supplied).

Now it’s up to you.

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2 thoughts on “Apple TV (black) vs PlayStation 3

  1. Sean

    You can stream media to the PS3…. Apple people are stupid…

    1. cantalinni Post author

      If you read carefully it says both devices can be used with NAS. which means you can also stream to the ps3. Think on!


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