How do I add my DVD library to my iPhone + Apple TV?

By | November 5, 2010

There are various applications our there that can do this. This guide is meant for users of the Mac. Windows versions may differ in name.

The first question you may ask is how is this going to cost me? Well it depends on your needs.

The fastest way to convert all your DVD’s to your iPhone and/or Apple TV is to use Elgato’s Turbo stick. They provide a few presets making it easy to choose which device you would like to convert your DVD to. To achieve the fastest speed you need to buy the Hardware accelerated edition. They do offer the software only edition but this means you can’t achieve the speed you are after. The hardware accelerated edition comes with a USB device that you plug in which helps speed things up a little.   Price in November 2010 = $99

The cheapest option is to download Handbrake. It’s free. No money spent is always a bonus. This application is a little more difficult to configure. It does come with presets, but finding the right preset can be a pain. For example, you want to convert your DVD to a format that your iPhone and Apple TV and iPad will accept, normally you would convert three different versions to accommodate all these three devices. The smart thing to do is find the preset that works for all three at once so you only have to convert the one video file. This option isn’t as fast as the Elgato Turbo stick but it is cheaper. If you have the time to configure Handbrake, find the right setting and the time it takes to convert then this is the application for you. This is also available for Windows.  Price in November 2010 = Free

The third option is Roxio Toast. You might find you already have this installed on your Mac as it’s primary function is to burn your files CD’s and DVD’s. Hidden in the menu is the option to Convert the video on your DVD to a file that your Device will recognise. Now the beauty of this product is that you can convert the video to a video file and then you can back up your whole library to DVD. Price in November 2010 = $99.

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