iPhone 7 overheats with 10.0.2 (battery drains fast!)

Many things can cause your phone to over heat and drain your battery quickly, fortunately there is an easy fix. Simple rename your phone to something different. Settings > General > About Then rename your phone to something new. After a while your phone will return to normal temperature and will stop draining your battery. Done!

How to Delete iTunes Match songs from your device

The issue with iTunes Match is that eventually your iDevice will get full as you add more and more songs from your iTunes Match library. The only way to delete this is to: -Find Settings, then tap General > Usage. -Wait till all apps are displayed that are using up data and the locate ‘Music’.… Read More »

iPod / iPhone dock for your car

These guys know what they are doing. I have recently purchased a dock from them and it has completely transformed where my iPhone now lives in the car. Have a look at their website Let us know if there is something new you have found that we haven’t mentioned and we’ll add it here 🙂… Read More »

Download iWork ’11 for free

There is a well known bug on the Mac App Store that enables you to download the full iWork suite (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) straight from Apple if you already own iWork’09 Trial. You can simply download the official Apple iWork Trial from here or here. Once installed, you will need to restart the Mac App… Read More »

iTunes won’t import my new music

This happens if you are signed in to iTunes Match. Please sign out and sign back in to iTunes Match and all should be back to normal. Please share this if you find this useful. Comment if you have any other solutions.

iTunes Match won’t work with Apple ID

Apple are very strict with their guidelines and are not very helpful when it comes to using their Express Lane for support. Fortunately there are work arounds when it comes to issues they can’t help you with. Your Apple ID is used to login to iTunes Match but sometimes things go wrong. For example I… Read More »

Downgrade to iTunes 10

Have you recently installed/upgraded to iTunes 11? Are you confused by the new look? You can bring back the iTunes 10 look by following these simple steps: Click on ‘View‘ in the menu up top > click ‘Show Sidebar‘ Click on ‘View‘ in the menu up top > click ‘Show Status Bar‘ Or if you… Read More »

Apple Earpods

The new Apple Earpods are very good value for money. They do deliver. Very well thought out and well designed. Very comfortable and don’t feel intruding to your ears.

Alarming iPads

It’s been mentioned before but is worth mentioning again. No need to use up your iPhone’s battery to set your alarm. You can use your iPad as your alarm clock now as Apple have ported over the same clock from the iPhone to the iPad. No need to download extra apps on your iPad. You… Read More »

Swipe Photo

Have you ever taken a photo and wished you could view your previous photos quickly without tapping the little picture icon at the bottom? Well you can. Simply swipe the screen to the right and your previous photos stored in your camera roll become available. A very handy and fast way of viewing the photo… Read More »